What are SVG Files? How can I use them?

You may be thinking: what are SVG files? How can I use them? Should I even care? These are all valid questions. Before getting into the business and Cricut crafting, I was also unfamiliar with .svg files. These files are actually pretty cool! If you’re a crafter or if you want to make designs and personalized items yourself, this article is for you.

What are SVG Files? | Bigbundlesvg.com

SVG files or Scalable Vector Graphics are vector-based graphics that are stored via a series of mathematical systems. Unlike .JPEG or .PNG images, SVG files are not formed via pixels. Because of this, SVG files are considerably smaller in file size. Despite the small file size, you can blow up .SVG images without having to worry about the quality. Because these files aren’t pixel-based, an SVG image will still provide sharp, crisp lines even when enlarged to the size of a highway billboard.

How can I view SVG files?

If you open up a folder of SVGs and find HTML documents, don’t be alarmed. Unfortunately, you can’t view your SVG designs via the preview panel or image icons. To browse through your designs, you have to open them up individually. Other file types usually open up with the ‘Photos’ app, but SVGs have to be accessed via your web browser. SVGs are compatible with all popular web browsers. If you’re using anything from Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, or Safari, you will be able to view your files.

You can also open SVG files via programs like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, or even CorelDRAW.

How can I use SVG files?

As I previously mentioned, SVG files are scalable vector graphics. This means that they can be resized without losing quality. Given this, SVG images are ideally used for printing large scale graphics. They are also used for printing, in general. If you’re new to crafting with a Cricut machine, you might want to try looking for cool SVG designs. This is because SVG designs are highly recommended for cutting machines due to the precision they provide. However, just make sure that the SVG files you use for your projects are high quality! Sometimes, designers may overlook some details. It’s also recommended that beginners stick with very simple designs before progressing to more intricate designs that will have to require more precise cuts.

How can I convert a JPEG to SVG?

Do you have a photo that you want to print out or use for your crafts? It might be best if you try and convert your image into an SVG. There are many ways to do this, I personally would use Adobe Illustrator to edit and trace my photo. However, if you’re not familiar with using the program, there are simpler ways to do it. You can look up free SVG converters online. These platforms will ask you to upload your photo to convert. Try to look for a converter that will allow you to adjust the image properties. Sometimes, automated conversions don’t look right so look for a tool that will allow you to make adjustments.

For your safety, use a converter that is entirely browser based. Do not go for converters that will require you to download and install a program. Note that when converting a standard colored photo into an SVG image can be difficult. SVG’s, especially designs that are used for cutting machines, are usually simple with smooth and straight lines. It is also not recommended to have lots of colors present in just one design for cutting projects. If you’re just a beginner, try and simplify your image into a single-colored outline. Simplifying the image will set you up for success, trust me.

Where can I download SVG designs?

If you’re looking for svg for cricut, you have lots of options. For one, Cricut Design Space provides simple designs to practice with. But after a while, those designs can become limiting and boring. If you’re looking for a catalogue of designs for reasonable prices, we offer tons of design bundles for all occasions here at Bigbundlesvg. We also have some free SVG files for you to choose from!

We hope that this article has helped you answer the question: what are SVG files? And hopefully now, you have a clearer idea on how to use this file type. What do you plan on crafting with SVG files? Let us know in the comments below!

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